Law Partners at Circle Surrogacy Recognized for Achievements


All three partners of the Weltman Law Group, John Weltman, Scott Buckley, and Dean Hutchinson, were recognized by their peers as Super Lawyers or Rising Stars, comprised of the top 5% of lawyers in Massachusetts, for their outstanding achievements in the practice of reproductive law in Massachusetts. This is a repeat designation for each of the lawyers involved. Mr. Weltman, the firm’s managing partner, has received the Super Lawyer distinction for the second consecutive year, while Hutchinson and Buckley have been recognized as Rising Stars for their fifth and sixth years respectively.

John Weltman has focused on reproductive law, including surrogacy and gay parenting for 25 years. In Massachusetts, he was the first to establish the right of couples to receive insurance coverage for gestational surrogacy. “I am extremely proud to have the entire team recognized by Super Lawyers,” said Weltman. “It confirms not just our legal expertise, but the critical importance of reproductive law, as increasing numbers of straight and gay couples opt to have children through surrogacy.” In 1995, Mr. Weltman founded Circle Surrogacy, the world’s largest full-service surrogate parenting agency serving clients worldwide.

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Circle Surrogacy Parents and Surrogate Featured in the Washington Post!

washington post surrogacy

Photo originally appeared with the Washington Post article, ‘With new surrogacy law, Washington, D.C. joins jurisdictions that are making it easier for gay and infertile couples to start families’

Washington, D.C.-based parents Edward Palmieri and Christopher Schriever spoke with Washington Post reporter Michael Alison Chandler about their experience becoming parents to adorable twins (a boy and a girl) three years ago with Circle Surrogacy.

The impetus for the article stems from the recent change to the Washington, D.C. law that banned surrogacy contracts for 25 years. In December of 2016, D.C. Council reversed the surrogacy ban and last April it became effective.

While matches here at Circle Surrogacy will continue to be based on the intended parents’ individual needs and preferences, the new law allows us to accept Washington, D.C.-based surrogate applicants into our program.

Chandler also spoke with Kelli Rapp, who carried Christopher and Edward’s twins. To quote the Washington Post article, “[Kelli] said she was ‘so delighted’ when she had her own son five years ago and that she wanted to help someone else who could not have the same joy.” She said, “It was my way to say ‘Thank you’ for my son.”

“Christopher said it was ‘surreal’ to share a pregnancy with someone in another state, but he said they felt very comfortable with her,” Chandler wrote.

We are delighted that Christopher, Edward, and Kelli were able to share their positive experience with the mainstream media. Since we promote the relationship-based model, it was fantastic to see an acknowledgment of the connection Christopher and Edward have with Kelli. Christopher mentioned that Kelli felt like a family member and that they all plan to see each other this summer.

It’s great to see progress places like Washington, D.C. reversing their position to help infertile couples and same-sex couples experience the joy of pregnancy and parenthood. [Read the full Washington Post article here.]


Learn more about becoming a parent with Circle Surrogacy here. We offer free consultations. We travel all over the world to meet with intended parents. You can see a full list of our upcoming events here. If we are not visiting your city soon, we also offer Skype consultations. Additionally, we offer regular consultation dates in Boston, New York, and London. To find out more, reach out to our Outreach Manager, Sarah Marino

Learn more about becoming a surrogate. Surrogates are very special women. We have a waiting list of intended parents who want to match with kind and generous women like you. If you have questions about helping an IP complete their dream of becoming a parent, email us at

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A Surrogate’s Journey: Cory – Part 1

This is part 1 in a 6-part series originally posted on Facebook by Circle surrogate Cory Revoldt.

July 16, 2009
Yes, I’m going to be a Surrogate…

Hello Everyone,

I’ve decided to be a surrogate. It is through a fantastic agency called Circle Surrogacy that specializes in matching surrogates with intended parents. I had to go through a huge screening process over the past few weeks and I’ll still have to go through a couple more tests. My physical, blood work, and all basic paperwork has been completed and I’ve been accepted. I have a few more meetings with them and then the process will start.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this, but I urge you to keep any negativity to yourself. I’m very excited to be doing this for whatever couple they eventually match me with. I feel that to be able to give them a child of their very own is the most precious gift. Mind you, I am only acting as surrogate, I am NOT donating my eggs. This will be the couple’s biological child, not mine at all – I’m just the carrier.

Yes, I will be getting paid to do this. This way I can help out my family while at the same time helping out another. I hope to find you all supportive in my endeavor. I will keep everyone posted on how things are coming along!

Cory 1

I hope you and your families are all doing well! God Bless! and Have a great day!

– Cory


A Surrogate’s Journey: Cory – Part 2

This is part 2 in a 6-part series originally posted on Facebook by Circle surrogate Cory Revoldt.

December 22, 2009

Surrogacy Journey Update…

Hello Family & Friends,
Just a quick update, according to the two home pregnancy tests I’ve taken (one on Sunday and one today) I am pregnant! Tomorrow I’ll have the blood work test to confirm, but I’m feeling well, and hope this pregnancy will be a smooth one. We are very happy with how everything is going and the surrogacy process has just been amazing and enlightening. To know that IVF is what some couples go through to have a child of their own is just a miracle. God shows his love and power in many ways. We are just happy knowing that we are part of helping a family achieve the most precious gift God can give us, a child (or two!). Many happy Blessings to all of you this Christmas and throughout the following year! Thanks again for all your positive thoughts and prayers!

Cory & Family

Cory 2

A Surrogate’s Journey: Cory – Part 3

This is part 3 in a 6-part series originally posted on Facebook by Circle surrogate Cory Revoldt.

January 13, 2010

Surrogacy Journey Update…

 A quick update on my pregnancy status….

IT’S TWINS! They look great and all is going well. I am having a lot of nausea, and sensitivity to smells, and I’m constantly hungry, but being pregnant with twins would explain all of this. My due date is around September 2, 2010. Hope you are all doing well.



Ultrasound of twins from January 14th, 2010

A Surrogate’s Journey: Cory – Part 4

This is part 4 in a 6-part series originally posted on Facebook by Circle surrogate Cory Revoldt.

April 21, 2010

Surrogacy Journey Update 

Hello Everyone,
I am now 5 months 1 week along with twin girls. We confirmed the gender today!  Everything is going well. They are measuring perfectly and right on time. The girls have strong heart beats and are moving a ton! Baby A is lower in my abdomen, and is very gentle with her kicks and hand movements, while Baby B is on top and loves to kick and punch all over and do flips! Their different personalities are already becoming apparent! The parents are very excited and are now in the process of fixing up the nursery and picking out girl names.

I’ve had lots of questions about “Now that you can feel them, are you getting attached, is the thought of giving them up becoming harder?” And the HONEST TO GOD ANSWER IS……NO. They are not biologically mine, and I am very aware of that. They will also be blonde-haired with blue or green eyes. I don’t think I could pawn them off as my own.

Not to mention, I just spent 11 straight days with all my kids home for spring break, and I am utterly cured of ever wanting to have another child of my own. I am so happy to be doing this for another family and making their dreams come true, while helping mine out too.

Physically, I am feeling the strain of edema already, and my sciatic acts up pretty good by the end of day. I was use to this around the 7th month of my single pregnancies, and the docs say it is not unusual this early due to it being twins. So it is what it is, and besides that, I’m feeling fine.


Cory 4

A Surrogate’s Journey: Cory – Part 5

This is part 5 in a 6-part series originally posted on Facebook by Circle surrogate Cory Revoldt

July 22nd, 2010

Surrogacy Journey Update

Hello Everyone!
It’s been way to long since I’ve updated this surrogacy journal, so I’ve got lots to share!

On June 21st the babies were measuring 3 lbs. 11 ounces and 3 lbs. 14 ounces. So in a month’s time they’ve  put on 2 lbs.! Holy Mackerel! I also had premature labor which was stopped with a shot of Terbutaline and I was sent home.

On July 3rd, I started having contractions again. I tried laying down, relaxing, having Chris, my husband, give me some massages, but they just kept intensifying and getting closer together. So off to the hospital I went. They had to give me 2 Terbutaline shots to get the contractions to stop, and at that point, my doctor decided it was time to give the me the steroid shots to help mature the twins’ lungs in case of an early delivery. I had to stay overnight to receive both shots which are given 24 hours apart. All of this kind of messed up our 4th of July weekend, but all turned out well. Must say, I use to hate those Terbutaline shots, but the steroid shots are definitely worse! But you do what you have to do, to ensure the babies health and safety and I was glad to do it.

Today, July 22nd, I’m now 34 weeks and 1 day. As of today’s ultrasound pics, Baby A is around 5 lbs and Baby B is even bigger. This is huge for twins at this stage and it is also very good news. So I’ve got close to 12 lbs. of just baby and amniotic fluid in me, which would explain all the pressure and weight I’m feeling. I was contracting off and on through the night and some this morning while at my check up appointment, but none since, so that’s good.

Both babies are breach, so my hopes for vaginal delivery have been dashed for now. The doc says this still could change, but we shall see. They sent me for a non-stress test today due to the contractions, but the babies are fine. I was having some big contractions but not consistent enough to keep me, so I was sent home to go to bed. Contractions have ceased for now, but if they hadn’t, at this point, they would no longer stop the labor. So the next time actual labor starts, it will be go-time! Neither myself nor the doctor think I will make it past next weekend.

So now we are here, and I can pretty much give birth at anytime. The doctors say they have done everything (steroid shots) to ensure the twins are ready for an early delivery and that they are at a great size, so they are not concerned about an impending early delivery. My birthday is next week, and giving birth to the twins would be a great present! I’m so excited for the parents to see and hold their new precious babies. I cannot believe how fast this journey has gone, nor how smooth it has been. Circle is an amazing agency, and I couldn’t have asked for better I.P.’s (intended Parents). This has truly been an eye-opening journey, so much so, I’m toying with the idea of doing it one more time.

Anyways, that is all I have for now. I will be posting pics shortly. Here’s hoping to find you all doing well! Thanks again for all your positive support and words. You guys, my friends and family, have all been amazing.


Cory 5

A Surrogate’s Journey: Cory – Part 6

This is part 6 in a 6-part series originally posted on Facebook by Circle surrogate Cory Revoldt

September 15th, 2010

Surrogacy Journey – Final Post

By now, most of you already know that I have given birth to the twins!  I gave birth on July 26th (my Grandpa Kelly’s birthday) in the evening.  I had started having some sporadic contractions around 2:30 in the afternoon.  I’d been on bedrest for some time at this point and I was laying on the couch and decided I would move to the bedroom and try and catch some ZZZ’s, because this usually stops the contractions…but, not this time.

They continued for the next 2 hours but I wasn’t too alarmed at first, as they weren’t consistent. When they didn’t stop, I decided to call my doctor and go into the hospital.  At this point, I was still hoping the contractions would just fade, or that my doctor would give me another terbutaline shot and stop the contractions.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I was sent to triage, and had to wait for a bed to be ready. I talked with my doctor and told her my symptoms, and let her know, “Yes, I was contracting but not in any pain.  I was still having trouble getting ahold of my husband Chris, as he was at work.”

My awesome babysitter, Malorie, stayed by my side until Chris arrived and she took our two young girls home. Before Chris got there, the doctor finally checked me. I was 6+ centimeters, and my water was ready to break! There was no going back.

My doctor knew I had hopes for a vaginal delivery as long as baby A was still head down and immediately called for an ultrasound.  And wouldn’t you know it, Baby A had turned, and both twins were transverse. My doctor informed me I would be having a c-section. I truly did not realize how afraid I was of having a c-section until she told me I was having one. I broke down as soon as she said it. Nothing but a blubbering ball of mush!

Once the I.V. was placed, I was fine for a few minutes, but then I started to feel my contractions big time. I was in full on labor. Chris finally arrived, just in time, as they were wheeling me into the surgery room. Chris had to wait outside until my spinal was done and I was fully set for surgery.

The surgery room was full of people. A neonatal team for each of the twins and a team for me! Once they started the surgery, everything happened so fast! They got Baby A, Alma, who was 5 lbs. and then came Baby B, Mika, who was 4 lbs. 14 oz.

Since the intended parents could not get there in time for the delivery, I made sure Chris started taking pictures immediately. I wanted everything documented for them. They were then whisked off to the NICU, and I was whisked off to recovery.

Time Line: Contractions started 2:30 pm, arrived at hospital @ 5:30 pm, gave birth and was in recovery by 7:30 pm. It was quick.

The twins did great! They never needed oxygen. Their father arrived 2 days later, after changing his flight twice and catching a standby flight.  The twins, of course, had some ups and downs in the NICU, but did fantastically! The rest of the twins’ family arrived on the 17th of August, and everyone was so happy to finally meet the twins. The twins only stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks.

The twins and their family went home August 30th, and they are doing great! I get updates and pictures all the time. We consider ourselves family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  his experience has just been amazing!  C-section and all, I would do it again in a heartbeat!


Change to the Nevada Law for Parentage, ART, and Adoption

There has been a change to the Nevada law that we want to share with you. The Nevada Governor signed into law AB 191, which addresses parentage, ART and adoption.

Effective July 1, 2017, the bill gender neutralized Nevada’s voluntary acknowledgment of paternity to include “parentage” to cover ART born children. This will simplify the birth certificate process for couples who have children born via surrogate in this state.

In addition, the Bill provides that Petitioners to an adoption do not have to reside in the State of Nevada to adopt in the State of Nevada. Nevada’s prior statute only allowed non-resident petitioners when the child was in the custody of an agency which provided child welfare services or a child placing agency. Now, all children in Nevada can be adopted in Nevada no matter where the Petitioners reside so long as Nevada is the home state of the child.

Intended parents can now obtain a birth order for a surrogacy in Nevada for any of the following reasons:

*             The child is anticipated to be born in Nevada

*             The child was born in Nevada

*             The Intended Parents reside in Nevada

*             The Intended Parents resided in Nevada when the contract was executed

*             The Gestational Carrier resides in Nevada

*             The contract was executed in Nevada

*             The medical procedures were performed in Nevada

Click here to view the bill.

This week we received lots of with good news in terms of evolving surrogacy law. Click here to read yesterday’s post, “New York May Lift Over 20-Year Ban on Surrogacy.”

nevada surrogacy law

New York May Lift Over 20-Year Ban on Surrogacy: Note from John Weltman

In what may be the second major step forward in surrogacy in the United States this spring, Brad Hoylman, Democratic State Senator for New York, announced yesterday the passage of Senate Bill S17A through committee. The Bill, if passed by the full assembly and signed into law, will effectively repeal New York’s two-decade-plus ban on compensated surrogacy. And, the Bill will allow intended parents and gestational surrogates to enter into surrogacy agreements and obtain a Judgment of Parentage from the court prior to birth.

The passage of the Bill by Committee does not overturn the law, but it is a major step forward toward that event. It may indicate that New York may soon join Washington, D.C. as the next long banned place to legalize compensated surrogacy.

Circle Surrogacy has long supported the organizations that have pushed for the repeal of New York’s ban on compensated surrogacy and is absolutely thrilled with this important move forward.

At Circle, we have four New York attorneys on staff and half of our domestic Intended Parents are from New York State. We regularly meet with potential Intended Parents at our offices in New York City. We can’t wait until we can locate local carriers for New York residents and use New York clinics to create and transfer their embryos. In addition, for our large European and international clientele, being able to do surrogacy in New York city will mean a significant reduction in travel time, since most direct flights from abroad go in and out of JFK Airport.

Congratulations Senator Hoylman and everyone who worked so hard to get to this important step.

John Weltman

New York Surrogacy Ban